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Concurrent with accommodation activities, Hai Yen Luxury Hotel is well equipped 2 Grand Ball rooms for Meeting, Conference, Wedding and other Events, it’s capacity will be up to 1.500 guests. Hai Yen Luxury Hotel is one of the hotels having the biggest Ball rooms in Quang Ninh Province so far.
Besides, the equipments are invested very ingenious and high-class, especially the LED screen, professional sound light system, are able to maximum response to the clients.
With the professional operation and organization skills, friendly and enthusiasm staffs, abundant menu system, promotion programs and flexible policies for the clients who coming to Hai Yen Hotel Luxury.


Hai Yen Luxury Bar is located in the 1st floor of the Hotel, where serving drinks and fastfood for in-house guests and walk-in guests. With the glass wall around the Bar, it’s the ideal place to enjoy drinks and see the crowded city.