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Holiday 30/4, 1/5 and this summer you intend to go? What is the ideal beach destination for you and your family to avoid the summer sun?

Fascinating destinations in Quang Ninh

Hai Yen Luxury would like to send to you the list of beaches you should not miss when coming to Quang Ninh, surely will help you make more reasonable and interesting options for this holiday.

1. Quan Lan Beach – Van Don

Quan Lan Beach is located right in Bai Tu Long Bay, a beautiful beach with majestic wilderness, will definitely be the ideal destination for summer travel in 2017.

Quan Lan Beach owns beautiful poetic beauty with pure white sand, smooth soft, blue sea water, waves, and fresh sea breeze with peaceful space, where tourists enjoy the great relaxation. Great to leave the worries, chaos of everyday life. A few tens of meters away from the water’s edge is the pale green pineapple beach that makes the beach seem more pristine. This is also attractive to visitors to Quan Lan beach.

Quan Lan Beach – Van Don is attracted by wild beauty, fresh

With long beach, smooth white sand, unexpected waves, fresh waves and fresh, Quan Lan beach always attracts visitors, bringing a lot of experience attractive visitors to bathing, sports and camping, festival…

2. Bai Dai Beach – Van Đon

One of the beaches on the list of beautiful beaches of the North, Bai Dai (Van Don) attractions visitors by the pristine and romantic that many other beaches are no longer .. .

Beach charm with natural wild beauty. Photo: Nam Long Nguyen

Located on the beautiful Bai Tu Long Bay, Bai Dai beach stretches for 2km, with soft sandy beach and crystal clear water. Coming here summer, visitors can stroll along the beach to hear the sound of surfing and watching the picturesque paintings of Bai Tu Long Bay.

Not only pristine beach and romantic, to Bai Dai, visitors also have the opportunity to mix into the quiet space of the resort is pleasant, with the beach system, restaurants, hotels … In addition to recreational needs for tourists, the resort in Bai Dai has also put into operation many sports on the beach, such as beach volleyball, kayaking, water motorbike And entertaining games such as karaoke, tennis …

Wooden pier is the ideal place for couples to take wedding photos

With a romantic landscape, wooden pier is one of the highlights of Bai Dai Beach, which is a place for indescribable young photographers and couples to take wedding photos.

3. Van Chay Beach – Co To

One of the most beautiful beaches of Co To Island, Go Tep Beach, 6km far from Co To town center is now a lot of visitors choose the main play on this beautiful island.

Floating Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches of Jade Island

With white sand, smooth, clean and big waves up to 2 – 3m, Cô Tô suitable for the beach sports such as football, beach volleyball or simply the same. Friends dance wave, lying wave watching surf shore. You can bring camping gear to sleep through the night, this will be a great experience for your lively summer.

Mini hotel at the beach. Photo: HLV

After the exciting activities from early morning, you can lie down drinking coconut water and watching the sunset on Co To island. Sunset here will give you the feeling of absolute peace and relaxation.

4. Hong Van Beach – Co To

Away from Co To town center 7 km, Hong Van with sandy stretches, calm waves is becoming a tourist attraction when traveling Co To.

Peaceful space that visitors can enjoy the sea on Hong Van

Hong Van Beach is located on the east side of Co To Island, the water is quiet, rolling like the lake because Thanh Lan Island stretches out from the sea. The clear sea with soft sand banks make visitors do not remove legs. The beach here is white sand, gentle stretch; Particularly clear sea water, jade color, can see to the bottom. Right next to the beach is a primeval forest with many rare plants, this will be an attractive place that hardly any visitors can overlook.

BBQ at the beach

In the evening you can enjoy a seafood dinner from 350,000 VND per person with fresh squid, prawns, fish or specialty nails in the waves of fluttering waves and the sparkling light of the hurricane lamps are arranged.Delicately arranged at the beach.
Especially, there is also a bungalow (a small, simple, maneuverable type of house) with prices ranging from VND 800,000 to VND 2,000,000 per room for two persons. To mix with the sea nature.

5. Tra Cỏ Beach – Mong Cai

Tra Co beach with more than 15km of coastline extending from Cape Point (Cape Point – the landmark of the country) to Ngoc Mountain (the last place of the Tra Co Peninsula) forming the arc, Tra Co is one. The longest beach in Vietnam and is known as the “lyrical beach in Vietnam”.

Tra Co beach in the sunset

Tra Co beach is the outer edge of a natural accretion island due to the action of waves and coastal currents, so on the coast are high sand dunes of 3 to 4m, with villages and residents inhabited. Poor farming and fishing. The shoreline is a cascade of casuarina and sand, under the casuarina trees are long-leaved sea flowers in the sand bloom purple dream.

Tra Co is also considered the most lyrical beach in VietNam

Due to the busy city, Tra Co has a cool climate, ardent sea scent, calm space and still boldly wild. There are very few restaurants in Tra Co beach, so if you want to enjoy fresh seafood, you can buy right by the beach when the fishing boat fishermen come back. A very interesting thing that not all beaches have.

6. Ti Top Beach – Ha Long Bay

Ti Tốp Beach is located in Ha Long Bay, about 7-8 km south of Bai Chay Tourist Area.

The green trees cover the Ti Tốp beach

Looking from the top of the island, Ti Tons Beach is shaped like a moon gently embracing the whole island in the middle of the immense sea. The white sand of Ti Tep is not very wide, but it is often tide up and down, so it should bring a beautiful beauty that is brilliant.

Surrounded by rocky mountains and green forests covered by the sea, one side is mountainous color, one side is the color of the carpet of the ocean, Ti Tons beach brings in harmony of the creative hand.

Looking up from the top of the island, Ti Tont Beach is shaped like a moon

Ti-Tum Beach is blessed with four seasons and airy, noiseless atmosphere is the attraction of visitors to enjoy the most comfortable holiday. Guests can indulge in sea bathing and participate in sea sports such as swimming, volleyball, parachuting, surfing maneuvers, or gently sailing to the islands around the bay.

To better serve the entertainment needs of tourists, Ti Tốp Beach has built a guest house with services such as: bar, bathrobe, life jacket, umbrella, etc. There are souvenir booths as gifts for the trip.

Source: qtv.vn